At its February 2021 meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission approved new rules addressing the importation, breeding, and possession of high-risk invasive reptiles. The new rules move 16 high-risk nonnative reptiles to Florida’s Prohibited species list and include reporting requirements for permittees, biosecurity requirements to prevent escape, and additional language to clarify the limited exceptions for some entities currently in possession of green iguanas and tegus for commercial use or as pets. The rules will allow for current tegu and green iguana pet owners to keep their pets with a no-cost permit. 

This message is to notify you that those new rules will go into effect on April 29, 2021. Any businesses or persons in possession of these species will have until July 28, 2021 to come into compliance with the new rules and until October 26, 2021 to make any necessary upgrades to outdoor caging for these species.

More information on the rule changes, including permit information and FAQs, is available online at If you have any questions or concerns about applying for a permit, please contact