Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Location: Hawks Cay Resort, Duck Key, Florida
Time: 8:15am to 4:15pm
Fee: $100
Included: Lunch plus morning and afternoons breaks

  1. Algal Identification in the Environment.  Dr. Dail Laughinghouse, Assistant Professor and Dr. David Berthold, M.S., Biological Scientist – Applied Phycology, University of Florida/IFAS, Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center.
  2. Oxygenation and Circulation Techniques to Improve Water Quality. Paul Gantzer, Ph.D., P.E. – Gantzer Water LLC, and Patrick Goodwin M.S., CLM – Vertex Aquatic Solutions This workshop has been moved to next year’s symposium.
  3. Practical Drone Use in Lake Management. Serge Thomas, Ph.D. – Florida Gulf Coast University, Bill Reynolds – Leading Edge Aerial Technologies, and Collin Lewis – Lee County Hyacinth Control District This workshop has been moved to next year’s symposium.
  4. Geospatial Data Science with R. Dan Schmutz, M.S., Greenman Pedersen, Inc.

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DEP Lake Vegetation Index and Identification of Aquatic Plants
Introduction to Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning in R.