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The Florida Lake Management Society (FLMS) sponsors an annual Shoreline Development Funding Program. FLMS will provide specific grants through local sponsors such as governments, homeowners associations and environmental organizations to distribute to shoreline homeowners for enhancement projects that combine a beneficial, native, aquatic plant habitat with some simple stormwater treatment techniques. Each homeowner may be reimbursed up to $200 for projects approved by the local sponsor and FLMS. These grant requests are accepted throughout the year.

Grant Selection Process:
Each homeowner must submit an application that includes:

• Name, address, and contact number or email address
• Pictures of the shoreline before any work is done. (if available)
• Explanation on one sheet of paper of the proposed improvements to the shoreline area and why this will be beneficial to the surrounding environment.

Upon completion of the project each homeowner or local entity must submit:

• A brief description of the completed projected
• Receipts for any purchases
• Pictures of the completed project

Not sure where to start?

The FLMS Shoreline Funding Program is administered by a local entity. The sponsoring agency can help you decide which aquatic plants are beneficial to the environment, what permits may be needed and who to contact, and how to construct simple stormwater treatment areas, such as a berm and swale system.

Please contact Maryann at 352-434-5025 or Click here to email Maryann@flms.net for further questions or to submit your application.