FLMS 34th Annual Technical Symposium

Theme: Learning from our past and looking to the future: 50 years of the Clean Water Act

August 29 to September 1, 2023
Hawks Cay Resort
61 Hawks Cay Blvd, Duck Key, Florida

We update as needed and the schedule may change at any time. Last update: May 24, 2023

Draft Agenda

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

(*denotes student presenter)
8:45am9:00amWelcome and Opening RemarksEesa Ali,
FLMS President
9:00am10:00amKeynote AddressEd Sherwood
Executive Director
Tampa Bay Estuary Program
10:00am10:45amMorning Break
10:45am10:50amWater Quality in Lake Management
Session Intro
10:50am11:05amA1-1Erich Marzolf Ph.DGet the Diagnosis Right First
11:05am11:20amA1-2Kevin TyreEvaluation and Management of Fecal Bacteria in Boggy Creek – Part 1
11:20am11:35amA1-3Mike Hardin P.E., Ph.D.Lake Adair, A Nutrient Source Assessment
11:35am11:50amA1-4Paul JulianLake regulation schedules impact on the lake and downstream ecology, a Lake Okeechobee System Operating Manual story
11:50am12:00pmSession Q&A
12:00pm1:30pmLunch (provided)
1:30pm1:35pmLake Okeechobee Session Intro
1:35pm1:50pmB1-1Jennifer ChastantWading Bird Forage Fish Density During the Breeding Season at Lake Okeechobee: Pre and Post Regulation Schedule Change (LOWRP)
1:50pm2:05pmB1-2Daniel MarchioInsights from a Continuous Monitoring Water Quality Network in Lake Okeechobee: Trends in Water Quality and the Impact of Severe Weather Events.
2:05pm2:20pmB1-3Anna SwigrisLake Okeechobee Zooplankton Monitoring: A Look at Water Year 2023
2:20pm2:35pmB1-4Paul JonesLake Okeechobee Nutrient Budget Updates – Balancing the Books for the Big Water.
1:30pm1:35pmLake Apopka Session Intro
1:35pm1:50pmB2-1Jennifer MitchellCost effective Hydrilla Control within Lake Apopka North Shore
1:50pm2:05pmB2-2Jim PetersonHurricane Irma Effects on the Lake Apopka North Shore
2:05pm2:20pmB2-3Jodi SlaterResurgence of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Lake Apopka: the Culmination of 30 years of Lake Restoration Efforts
2:20pm2:35pmB2-4Christy AkersGizzard Shad Harvesting for Phosphorus Removal in Lake Apopka
2:35pm2:45pmSession Q&A
2:45pm3:15pmAfternoon Break
3:15pm3:20pmUrban Systems
Concurrent A
Session Intro
3:20pm3:35pmA2-1Lauren Wagner*Lake Elberta Park: Using Tallahassee Community Connections to Support Environmental Education for Elementary Preservice Teachers at FSU
3:35pm3:50pmA2-2Audrey Goeckner*Resilience and Stability of Stormwater Ponds in Response to Flooding Events
3:50pm4:05pmA2-3Ernesto Lasso de la Vega Ed.DSaltwater Impacts of Hurricane Ian in Stormwater Ponds
4:05pm4:20pmA2-4Rex Ellis Ph.D.Sediment Nutrients and Distribution in Lake Jesup
4:20pm4:35pmA2-5Henna Gavem*The Environmental Impacts of Using Reclaimed Water for Landscape Irrigation in Southwest Florida
3:15pm3:20pmUrban Systems
Concurrent B
Session Intro
3:20pm3:35pmB3-1Riley TimbsBiotic and Abiotic Factors for SAV Recovery in the Lower St. Johns River
3:35pm3:50pmB3-2Camille CarrollChanges In Littoral Vegetation From 2009 To 2020 On Cypress Lake In The Kissimmee Chain Of Lakes
3:50pm4:05pmB3-3Steven MillerInvestigations in the Use of Haul Seines to Commercially Harvest Tilapia from St. Johns River Lakes
4:05pm4:20pmB3-4Randy FinkLoricariid, An Overview of the Life, Impacts and Ongoing Management within the St. Johns River
4:20pm4:35pmB3-5Sandra FoxSpringshed Delineation Using Arc Hydro
4:35pm4:45pmSession Q & A
6:00pm8:00pmPoster Session &
Exhibitor Social

Thursday, August 31, 2023

(*denotes student presenter)
8:45am9:00amMorning RemarksTiffany Trent,
FLMS Incoming President
9:00am10:00amKeynote AddressNick Aumen Ph.D., Regional Science Advisor – South Florida US Geological SurveyTBD
10:00am10:30amMorning Break
10:30am10:35amApproaches for Lake Management Session Intro
10:35am10:50amA3-1Harvey Harper Ph.D.TBD
10:50am11:05amA3-2West Bishop Ph.D.Operational HAB and Nutrient Mitigation Projects in Complex Aquatic Ecosystems
11:05am11:20amA3-3Rick ClarkCombating Algae and Biofilm with Ultrasound Technology
11:20am11:35amA3-4Mary Szafraniec Ph.D.TBD
11:35am11:50amA3-5Robert WoitheHigh Density Fluorometric Chlorophyll Measurements and Your River, When More Data Say Less
11:50am12:00pmSession Q&A
12:00pm1:30pmLunch (provided)
1:30pm1:35pmSediments in Aquatic Resource Management Session IntroModerator:
Dan Schmutz M.S.
1:35pm1:50pmA4-1TJ VenningCriteria for Establishing Minimum Levels in Wetlands and Lakes
1:50pm2:05pmA4-2Christopher SheaThe Role of Ecological Criteria in the Development of Wetland and Lake Level Standards
2:05pm2:20pmA4-3Ronnie Van FleetChanges in Wetland Conditions throughout the Northern Tampa Bay Area from 1998 through 2020.
2:20pm2:35pmA4-4ReNae NowickiThe Curious Case of the In-betweeners: Hydrologic Control of Wetlands & Lakes in Areas of Transitional Geomorphology
2:35pm2:50pmA4-5Dan Schmutz M.S.Pilot Project Implementation of a New Xeric Soil-associated Wetland Assessment Procedure: the XWAP
2:50pm3:00pmSession Q&A
3:00pm3:30pmAfternoon Break
3:30pm3:35pmDon’t Try This at Home Session Intro
Rob Burnes M.S.
3:35pm3:50pmA5-1Emily KeenanArtificial Circulation: To Do or Not to Do?
3:50pm4:05pmA5-2Eddie SnellThis PAM Is Not For Cooking
4:05pm4:20pmA5-3Rob Burnes M.S.Lake Seminole Dredge: Navigating the U-Turns to Complete a Large Dredge Project
4:20pm4:30pmSession Q & A
5:00pm11:00pmScholarship Fundraiser in Key West

Friday, September 1, 2023

(*denotes student presenter)
8:45am8:55amMorning RemarksTiffany Trent,
FLMS Incoming President
8:55am9:00amHAB Sensor and Mitigation Session Intro
9:00am9:15amA6-1Christopher LeeSensible Sensors: Making the Most of Algae Sensor Data for Actionable Information for HAB Management
9:15am9:30amA3-6Igor MrdjenNear-Real-Time, In Situ Cyanobacterial Detection & Enumeration Using Digital Microscopy and Artificial Intelligence
9:30am9:45amA6-3Scott ShulerIt’s Not Easy Being Green: Accelerated Approaches to Water Resource Restoration
9:45am10:00amA6-4Ernest NeafseyUsing Phosphorus Monitoring and Predictive Analytics to Enhance HAB Mitigation
10:00am10:10amSession Q&A
10:10am10:35amMorning Break
10:35am10:40amLake Trends Session Intro
10:40am10:55amA7-1Serge Thomas Ph.D.Hydrosystem Response to Storm Surge Induced Salinization of Stormwater Ponds Following Hurricane Ian
10:55am11:10amA7-2Roxanne GrooverOSTDS Enhanced Nutrient Reducing Technologies
11:10am11:25amA7-3Sean McGlynn Ph.D.Does Lake Munson Have to be Clean?
11:25am11:35amSession Q&A
11:35am11:45amStudent Awards and Closing RemarksTiffany Trent, FLMS President