As part of its ongoing commitment to water resource education, the Suwannee River Water Management District (District) is offering funding to local schools and community groups who are interested in projects to further the education of local students. 

Part of the District’s Educational Water Resource Funding program, a maximum of $20,000 in funding is available to groups that are interested in completing water resource-related projects. The schools or community groups must be located within the District’s 15-county region, and projects must be completed by the end of the fiscal year, September 30. 

“This is a great resource for local teachers or civic organizations that may have water resource projects in mind, but do not have access to the funding needed to implement them,” said Hugh Thomas, District Executive Director. “These projects help support the mission of the District and providing these resources can help educate others on why protecting our water resources is so important.” 

Projects approved in previous funding cycles included drip irrigation systems, lab equipment, and Florida Friendly landscaping. 

Successful acceptance of an application requires check-ins with the District, a final report and documentation, as well as a brief presentation to the District’s Governing Board at a future meeting. 

Additional information about the project, as well as the grant application, can be found at the District’s website.  The mission of the Suwannee River Water Management District is to protect and manage water resources using science-based solutions to support natural systems and the needs of the public. The District holds true to the belief of water for nature, water for people. Headquartered in Live Oak, Florida, the District serves 15 surrounding north-central Florida counties.