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The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is pleased to announce that the Florida Stormwater, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspector (FSESCI) Training Program is now accepting applications for new instructors. The FSESCI curriculum is taught by quality instructors throughout Florida to provide training to people from a variety of backgrounds to perform complex, multi-disciplinary stormwater inspections on construction sites of all sizes.   Knowledge of stormwater regulations, practices, and inspection performance is critical for the protection and conservation of Florida’s water resources and supports environmentally responsible decisions for Florida’s growth and development. The FSESCI program provides an important qualification that meets requirements to perform stormwater inspections in the state of Florida.   The FSESCI program has re-vamped the instructor approval process. The new requirements and details can now be found on This new website also features information on the FSESCI Program, a schedule of publicly available classes, certificate verification and more.   Additional features will be added in the future to help support Florida’s mission to be a leader in responsible construction and best management practices. Obtaining approval to become an instructor is ideal for local governments to train public employees; private companies to train staff; or for academics to enhance curriculums. Approved instructors will be able to issue FSESCI qualification and offer Continuing Education Credits and Professional Development Hours. Instructors may offer the training for free or for an enrollment fee.   If you are interested in becoming an instructor or have further questions, please visit or contact us at  

Jared Searcy
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Florida Stormwater, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspector Training Program
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