The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is now accepting and reviewing fiscal year 2020-2021 project proposals from governmental entities through the Environmental Grant Project Proposal Portal.

Governor Ron DeSantis’ Executive Order 19-12 directs strategic action with a focus on accountability, transparency and collaboration and includes a proposed $2.5 billion investment over the next four years. Since the Executive Order was executed, Governor DeSantis has secured the dedicated funding to reach this goal. To execute these historic environmental investments, DEP is seeking project proposals that will bolster existing collaborative efforts between governmental agencies and our combined efforts to protect and restore Florida’s water resources.

For this fiscal year, the Department has additional Water Protection Funds to distribute as grants to governmental entities for the following programs:

Targeted Water Quality Improvements

Rivers and Springs Coast Protection and Restoration

Coral Reef Protection and Restoration

Innovative Technologies to Address Harmful Algal Blooms

Nonpoint Source Pollution Reduction

If you have any questions surrounding the Environmental Grant Project Proposal Portal, please contact Traci Klepper at

The Division of Water Restoration Assistance provides loans and grants to local governments, utilities and sometimes other agencies for projects that improve the quality and quantity of the state’s water resources and provide a significant benefit to the environment and local communities. These projects improve stormwater quality, reduce pollutants entering surface water and ground water, conserve energy or water, protect springs, collect and treat wastewater, produce and distribute drinking water, provide alternative water supply, restore potable water for homeowners in areas affected by declining source water quality, and restore habitat/enhance recreation through the Deepwater Horizon program.