Source Water Protection in the Watershed

HABs Drinking Water Webinar Series #2

Source Water Protection in the Watershed

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Our first presentation by Dr. Stephen Souza will discuss how watershed development impacts the water quality, hydrology and biota of surface water reservoirs. It will review how to assess and quantify such impacts, what can be done by reservoir managers to protect and improve the raw water quality of their reservoir, and how tracking and responding to changes in raw water quality can actually reduce in-plant treatment needs.

Our second presentation by Dr. Erich Marzoff will be an assessment of how Florida is approaching load reductions from agricultural areas. This will include a discussion on agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP), advanced BMPs, changes in farming practices, such as crop rotation and buyouts, and specific regional treatment programs.

In collaboration with the USACE Invasive Species Leadership TeamAquatic Plant Management Society, and American Water Works Association, NALMS is proud to offer a five-part summer webinar series focused on HABs and drinking water. In this series, our panel of experts will summarize the latest research and technical information on management strategies to encourage better integration and facilitation in the protection of drinking water.


Jun 30 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm